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China HHS History
  • 2000
    Mr. Yang founded the website ABCDV. net in Germany , which introduced Chinese students to living and study in Germany. has already developed into the largest internet forum for Chinese students looking to study in Germany.
  • 2001
    HHS was founded in Beijing by Mr. Yang. Its main purpose was establishing cultural exchanges and foreign language training between China and Germany.
  • 2002
    Mr. Yang, the founder of HHS center, introduced the Au Pair program to Chinese people. It was the first of its kind in China.
  • 2003
    The first group of Chinese Au Pairs recruited by HHS was successfully placed into Germany families.
  • 2004
    In addition to promoting outbound program to Germany, HHS center established relationships with American and Canada agencies.
  • 2005
    HHS Center, in collaboration with overseas partners, improved the amount of the Chinese Au Pairs recruited into American and European families.
  • 2006
    Utilizing its several years of experience, HHS established a “Cross Culture Orientation System” under the direction of former program participants. Its purpose was to help students adapt to life abroad. This training camp was widely received and allowed HHS center to be regarded as one of the most reliable overseas programs for Chinese exchange students.
  • 2007
    HHS center visited many foreign organizations to promote its exchange programs. The company learned much from the first-hand experiences of its partners, and eventually decides to transform its programs to resemble the more familiar Au pair program based on traditional Chinese culture.
  • 2008
    The first official version of China Au Pair program was approved by government after thorough negotiations. There were nearly 50 initial trail families.
  • 2009
    HHS celebrated its official introduction of the Chinese Au Pair program. After much preparation, the first group of Chinese families received suitable foreign Au Pairs.
  • 2010
    HHS expanded its reach into several Chinese cities and registered hundreds of Chinese families with a short time period.
  • 2011
    China Au Pair programs became increasingly popular in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Meanwhile HHS Center continued to gain a better reputation within Chinese families, foreign participants and overseas partners. In the same year, Chinese officials gave HHS its support by relaxing certain visa policies and providing some participants with university stipend.
  • 2012
    After more than 10 years in operation, the HHS (Beijing) International Cultural exchange center decided to change its “Au Pairs” program into a more suitable “Cultural Ambassador” (CA) program. The new name places more focus on the cultural exchange and activities the CAs will experience.
  • 2013
    Beijing HHS Center official became China HHS Center. The company also officially updated its acronym to represent “Homestay Helping Study” program. This change aims to bring more benefits to participants through this unforgettable FREE travel and experience within China. All participants can expect to receive a diverse cultural education as an HHStudents.